Anti-Racism in the Workplace

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Ronnie Braithwaite

I help create more equitable spaces in the workplace through honest and vulnerable workshops.
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Course Description

  • A lecture on the history of racism in America, and the steps we can take to dismantle it in the workplace.
  • Dialogue unpacking microaggressions and the power of language with interactive walkthroughs of specific scenarios that dissect how racism shows up in the workplace.
  • Lessons of power, privilege, and allyship in action with workplace scenarios to talk through tips for intervening in ways that interrupt the status-quo

You’ll Walk Away With:

  • An introductory primer focused on establishing key definitions, conceptual frameworks, and historical context around race and anti-racism.
  • Provides interactive opportunities to work through real-life microaggression scenarios and develop a deeper understanding of what anti-racism can look like in practice.


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