Group Management

You do not have permission to manage groups.


When you click the Users menu, you can choose between adding one user or adding multiple users.  If you select Add one, a form appears with two options:


1. Add and invite user: Enter the user’s first name, last name, and email address to add them to a group.  Once you click the Add User button, an email is sent to the user based on the email message settings set up by your administrator. The user is added to the list of users in the group and they take up a seat in your group, and their status is set to Not Started.  If you add a user that already exists on the site, the system will automatically assign a key, add them to the group and send the Add and invite (existing user) email.  They then occupy a seat in the group just like a new user.


2. Send enrollment key: Enter the user’s first name, last name, and email address to send them the Send enrollment key email.  Once that user registers and redeems that key, they take up a seat in the group, are enrolled in the group and can begin group courses.


add new user form fields

The Add User form will automatically simplify itself for cases when all you need

To generate WordPress password reset emails for users that may have forgotten their passwords, select the user(s) from the list, and a Send password reset button will appear.  Click Send password reset and the user will be emailed a link to reset their password.

To download a full list of enrollment keys to be used for manual tracking, reporting, and distribution, simply click Users > Download Keys (see Fig. 2 above) and you will begin downloading a CSV file.  This list is the current list of unassigned keys for that group.  This list is updated when the number of seats is initially set for the group and when additional users and seats are added or removed from the Group.

Group Leader can easily email all members of their group based on their course status (Not enrolled, Not started, In progress and/or Completed). Clicking Users > Email Users brings up the email group members interface.